Sunday, 9 February 2014

Ringworm in Humans & Adverse Reactions of Different Antibiotics

You may think that this is not a grave threat to acquire ringworm in your body. You think this because our world nowadays has developed various treatments in order to address the need to remedy different kinds of parasitic infections. But this is horrible to know that modern research by WHO (World Health Organization) and CDC (Center for Diseases Control and prevention) proved recently that many disease causing pathogens have an ability to strongly resist against different types of antibiotics and other treatments. Ringworms and many other microbes like parasites, viruses, fungus and bacteria cause a number of infectious as well as fatal diseases which every year deprives millions of people from their lives.
Ringworm of your body, which is scientifically called tinea corporis, can easily spread to other parts of your body. From a localized area, it could spread to the scalp, fingers, groin, limbs and other parts of   your body. This microbe and many others exist everywhere around you like on towels, clothes, bed sheets, in your kitchen, in offices, gyms, in playgrounds and even in hospitals where every day numbers of sprays sprinkled to kill these microbes.
 A minor infection caused by these tiny microbes may lead to many other serious complications when an infected person takes the infection too lightly and he does not take any step in order to kill theses microbe from the body or to stop the spread of infection. If an infected person will allow these microbes to spread without killing them, this will then lead to life-threatening systemic infection.
Other complications that may arise from ringworm infection are the adverse reactions and side effects that come from repeated use of fungicides and other antibiotics for fungal infections. As I already mentioned above that antibiotics are not a proper solution to kill these germs and excessive use of antibiotics a reason of parasitic growth in your body.
A parasitic infection may be systemic or localized (topical) in nature. Systemic antibiotics drugs are given to an infected person by mouth or injected through injections in order to treat the underlying parasitic infection. Parasitic infections anywhere on your skin are treated by using topical creams and ointments. If, however, parasitic topical creams and ointments do not show results in several days, then often a systemic are usually used.
But recent research by top medical institutes have been proved many side effects and adverse reactions by the continued use of antibiotics and other medications used to kill microbes.
 There are many allergic reactions have been reported with the use of Fluconazole, as well as some users complain of hives, itching, swelling, breathing difficulties and abdominal discomfort too. Furthermore has caused an anaphylactic reaction that is a life-threatening condition which is due to severe allergic reaction.
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