Monday, 10 February 2014

Testicles Itches in Men and a Best Alternative Solution!!

Among all bacterial and viral human infections the Testicle Itch is very worst condition of all men. If you are a man and suffering from this condition you can’t scratch while in public places when peoples stand next to you, you have to bear that until you got a chance to scratch when no one is seeing you. You are very disturbed and you have severe itch and you want to scratch but you cannot scratch them because you have consideration to those in your company. Testicle itching gives severe discomfort and embarrassment scenario in the infected person.
There are several reasons of this infection. Scrotum itching is normally caused by fungal infection, allergies and particular pursuits.

·        Have You Got Phthirus Pubis?
If you have then you'll have to scratch your penis and scrotum sac every morning noon and during night. Oops, you don't know what Phthirus Pubis is? Phthirus Pubis is another name for pubic lice or crabs. Actually crabs feed on human blood which they generally suck from genital skin. Their bite can cause intense itching on your body. They mainly spread through sexual contact but can also be spread by many other ways. Stray lice can attach themselves to blankets, sheets, towels, and even with your clothes. Cream and soaps specially created to rid crabs do work, but if the pubic skin is badly infested then you need a parasitic cleans. It's hard to prevent itching if the groin area is crawling.
·        Genital Scabies
Scabies is actually caused by Sarcoptes scabiei vara a round body eight-legged bug that is less than 0.5 mm long. Symptoms of this infection include severe itching, which is a result of irritating secretions the itch mite shoots into the flesh.
·        Jock Itch (Tinea cruris)
This is the condition caused by Trichophyton Rubrum. This infection is also primarily responsible for causing athlete's foot. It may affect many females. Jock itch symptoms include severe itching, mainly in the testicles, rectum and inner thighs, along with red rash with scaly edges.
·        Yeast Infection:
Men with itchy testicles often suspected this type of infection being their problem, believing it to be a woman's thing, is not fair! Yeast infection is usually caused by a fungus Candida albicans. Symptoms are irritation, itching, burning, and pain in the groin.

·        Genital Warts
These are known to cause intense and painful itch. Bleeding may also occur. Warts often look flat or like cauliflower florets. They may appear singly or grouped. Warts may appear on the anus, but more often found in the penis and under the foreskin.
·        Psoriasis
The symptoms of this condition include red or pink patches of thickened skin covered with whitish scales which are itchy. Psoriasis is serious and very annoying; by scratching it can cause inflammation and cracks in the skin.
After all this you want a solution, but before this I want to share with you the result of recent research by the CDC, Center for Diseases Control. The research proved that many bacteria, parasites and fungus have the ability to resist many antibiotics by building a protein layer around their body.
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